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Welcome to Pro Guard Fleet Solutions – your go-to partner for top-tier auto glass services, specializing in commercial fleet needs. At Pro Guard, we prioritize safety and offer all-inclusive services, including Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) calibration with every windshield repair. Our commitment to top-notch customer service and the highest quality extends across all major car brands, providing an affordable yet premium solution for your fleet. Choose Pro Guard Fleet Solutions for quality, safety, and reliable performance for your commercial vehicles.


Window Tinting

Upgrade your commercial fleet with Pro Guard Fleet Solutions’ premium window tinting services. Our professional team excels in delivering precision and efficiency, ensuring a seamless tinting experience for your entire fleet. With a focus on quality and reliability, we prioritize the unique needs of commercial vehicles. Trust us for a hassle-free process, unmatched expertise, and tailored tinting solutions that enhance both aesthetics and comfort for your entire fleet.

Reduced Glare

Increased Privacy & Security

Scratch Resistant

Blocks 99% of Harmful UV Radiation

No Radio Signal Interference

Great External Visibility

Nano-Ceramic Technology

Reduced Glare

Increased Privacy & Security

Scratch Resistant

Blocks 99% of Harmful UV Radiation

No Radio Signal Interference 

Great External Visibility

Protects Interior From Fading

Infrared Heat Reduction

Enjoy the benefits of nano-ceramic, without compromising the transperency of your glass.





Window Repair

Enhance your commercial fleet’s performance with our specialized window repair services at Pro Guard Fleet Solutions. Our skilled team is dedicated to providing precision repairs that ensure the durability and safety of your fleet’s windows. Benefit from efficient and reliable service tailored to the unique needs of commercial vehicles. Trust our expertise for hassle-free, professional window repairs, keeping your fleet in top condition on the road.

Explore different types of glass we service.

ADAS Calibration

Elevate your commercial fleet’s safety at Pro Guard Fleet Solutions. Our commitment to excellence includes utilizing the latest in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) calibration for every repair. Trust us to prioritize the precision and reliability of your fleet, ensuring optimal safety standards after each repair. Choose Pro Guard for meticulous repairs with ADAS calibration, guaranteeing your vehicles are road-ready and in peak condition.


Bulk Discount

Enjoy special pricing and exclusive discounts based on the volume of services for your commercial fleet.

Priority Scheduling

Minimize downtime with prioritized appointments, ensuring your fleet gets back on the road swiftly.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Instill confidence in the quality of our services with the added assurance of limited lifetime warranty for your fleet.

Customized Service Plans

Tailor-made service plans designed to meet the specific needs of your commercial fleet, providing personalized and efficient solutions.


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Customer Reviews About Us!

Michael was so helpful in getting our glass fixed and working with our frustrating insurance situation. Would highly recommend

Megan Oconnor

Absolutely amazing customer service! Tints got done in one day. I live in Virginia Beach and went to visit family in the area and decided to go with them super happy i did 💜

Ester Allen

Got me in the next day very reasonable priced. Service was awesome 10-10. Respectful staff. Definitely going to use again.

Steven Hudson

Pro Guard Auto Glass has been servicing its customers since 2011 and prides itself over amazing customer service and the emphasis on the quality of work we provide.

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We Are Located At

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