ADAS Calibration

Calibration for your windshield is highly recommended after getting it replaced. Calibration realigns and adjusts your forward facing camera, to ensure all the sensors and safety systems are functioning as intended. Our certified technicians will make certain that your safety systems are up to date and your vehicle continues to keep you safe on the road.

Need ADAS for your Business?

Discover the transformative impact ADAS can have on your business. Contact us now to explore how Advanced Driver Assistance Systems can not only elevate the safety standards for your customers but also enhance the overall efficiency and performance of your operations. Take the proactive step towards a safer and more advanced future for your business – where innovation meets customer well-being.


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Customer Reviews About Us!

Michael was so helpful in getting our glass fixed and working with our frustrating insurance situation. Would highly recommend

Megan Oconnor

Absolutely amazing customer service! Tints got done in one day. I live in Virginia Beach and went to visit family in the area and decided to go with them super happy i did 💜

Ester Allen

Got me in the next day very reasonable priced. Service was awesome 10-10. Respectful staff. Definitely going to use again.

Steven Hudson

Pro Guard Auto Glass has been servicing its customers since 2011 and prides itself over amazing customer service and the emphasis on the quality of work we provide.

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We Are Located At

9855 J- Washington Blvd N Laurel, MD 20723

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